What We Do

In all our efforts we focus on inspiring children to live life to the full in Christ.

We are inspired by Christ and lead by his love for children. In Matthew 10, Jesus puts children at the center of life in His Kingdom and that provides our focus. In Luke 2, Jesus is described as growing in mind, body, and spirit with applause of God and man and this is what provides our vision.

How we’re funded

We raise funds through individual donations, foundations, and grants.

Creation Development is primarily funded through the generosity of individuals who have a passion for making a better life for children. We also raise funds through foundations, corporations, and grants.

We are incredibly thankful for the support that has enabled us to do the work that has touched the lives of so many people.

How you can get involved

Creation Development foundation is fully supported through donations. Our philosophy is to inspire people’s hearts and together build a vision for child development and education. If you connect with our mission we provide several ways for you to get involved.