Empowering Life Success

In all our efforts we focus on inspiring children to live life to the full in God. We are inspired by Christ and lead by His love for children. In Matthew 10, Jesus puts children at the center of life in His Kingdom and that provides our focus. In Luke 2, Jesus is described as growing in mind, body, and spirit with the applause of God and man and this is what provides our vision. That is what our board strives to develop and sustain in all of our projects and programs.


Derek Cummings

Chairman & President

Dr. Des Cummings, Jr.


Mary Lou loves helping people, especially children. From helping to raise two younger brothers to her education in nursing to working alongside…

John Lim


John loves learning. He believes that constant learning is part of everyone’s life journey and there is no better time to start then at the beginning…

Cheryl Zwart


Christian education has always been Cheryl’s passion. Under the guidance of her father, Dr. Roger Dudley, she was educated at some of the…

Dr. Wes Holland


Wes believes in lifelong education. As a physician and entrepreneur, Dr. Holland seeks to daily expand his horizons through holistic…

Dr. Trevor Lewis


Trevor knows good education. Throughout his life, he has sought ways to be involved in shaping the educational environment in his communities…

Yuesha Chen


Yuesha is passionate about creating sustainable learning environments for children. Born and raised in China, Yuesha brings a wealth of experience…

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